What about me…

I am Lea Supermarine

Building is my passion, I rezzed my first prim before I could walk in Second Life.
I am happy that I found a great building friend in this game. Together we make our ideas and dreams visible for all the Second Life residents.

With over 5 years of sl-experience under my belt I recently ventured into art design also and I am loving every second of it.
The joy of creation, the fun of building something out of nothing, to take an empty canvas and tell a story …what can I say? It’s a pleasure/fun, it’s what picks me up and makes me fly.

I enjoy the input and touch of fellow creators, being it builders, painters, photographers and designers. The sparring, the mutual inspiration is as much part of my joy as the process of creation itself.

I travel inworld and outworld to find all the parts of a story that needs to be told.


2 Responses to “What about me…”

  1. Jarapanda Says:

    Did you really rez your first prim before you could walk? ;-()

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