***** SL FleaMarket *****

Who are we?
We are a group of creators, builders, and just people who like to share our products with the public outside of a normal store atmosphere. There are a wide range of builders from beginners to experts. Along with adding a personal touch with customers, the flea market is a way for creators to exchange ideas face to face. Group invitations are open to all.

What do we do?
We travel from sim to sim displaying our product for people to see. The sim owners voluntarily give up space for us to use. The host vendors will set out a display of their products. People are encouraged to view them, buy them, and talk with the makers.

When do we have flea markets?
As of right now there is no set schedule, but that may change as participation increases. Any and all events will be publicized by the use of the SL FleaMarket group, and via other means. Currently we are looking at holding them on a Saturday and Sunday at a regular schedule.

Where do we hold flea markets?
That is purely up to sim owners who give up space for us to use. The size can vary from sim to sim. Locations for any flea markets will be publicized in the SL FleaMarket Group as well.

Why do we do this?
It’s done purely for fun! Many people have stores or shops located all around SL. This gives people a chance to come together to share goods and products with each other. Along with having some personal interaction with customers who may want to meet the people that make the items they buy.

To join the group copy past following link in chat and click it.


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